10 Different Ways to Cook Eggs and Some Tips

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Eggs are rich in protein and healthy fats. Not only they are easy to cook they are inexpensive too. Eating eggs regularly comes with a lot of benefits.

But if you are stuck with boiled eggs daily, it is quite sure you would be bored easily. It may lead to giving up this explosive food item. So, to help you with that, today’s article is about ten different ways to make eggs more exciting.

By the end of reading this article, you will be familiar with egg varieties from boiled eggs to baked eggs and deviled eggs. Try these, and let us know your thoughts and also lead a healthy life thanks to these!

So let us get into the with the ten different ways to cook eggs:


scrambled eggs

For creamy soft scrambled eggs, heat a pan over medium-low heat with a thin layer of butter. Drop the eggs into the pan when it is heated. With a metal, spatula breaks the yolks and stir them. Mix the yolks well with the whites and butter. Cook the eggs for 4-5 minutes. Never stop stirring the eggs. Before you get the pan off the stove add a little bit of milk or sour cream for that best creamiest and softest eggs.


hard boiled eggs

In a pot have enough water for your eggs to sink in. Get the water to boil. When it starts bubbling, drop the eggs into the water. Cook the eggs for about 10-12 minutes. When done, dip the eggs immediately into ice cold water. Then tap them on the shell, and peel the shell off. You can even boil a bunch of eggs together. Sprinkle salt and pepper onto the egg or you can chop them into salads.



Similar to hard-boiled eggs mentioned above, Softboiled is prepared in hot water itself but cooked for half the time needed to get hard-boil eggs done. Soft-boiled eggs have firm whites and gooey yolks. Here we boil the water in a pot, drop the eggs and cook them for six minutes. Once done remove and dip them in ice cold water. Have them with toast, or bean soup. Usually soft-boiled are served along with the shells and scoop them with a spoon, along with salt and pepper to taste.



Poaching is the method of preparing eggs by boiling it without the shells. Two ways of cooling poached eggs are explained below:

Heat the water and add a bit of vinegar. Swirl the water to create a whirlpool in the pot. Carefully drop the eggs into the swirl. Cook for about 5 minutes. Then scoop it out with a slotted spoon.

Heat the water and add vinegar to it. Crack the egg and Strain into the water carefully. Boil it for about 5 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and serve hot.



For sunny-side-up, crack an egg into a frying pan. Cook it until the edges turn brown. Do not flip the egg. The egg white will be firm enough, and the yolk will be in running form. It tastes good with toast.


over-easy eggs

Similar to sunny-side-up, over easy is also prepared by cracking the egg into a preheated pan. When the white edges are brown in color, flip the egg over. Cook until the yolk gets a thin coat above it. With this dish, the yolk is in running form and in some cases white too.


Baked eggs are prepared with other ingredients like tomatoes, cheese, herbs, and cream. The egg completely blends with the ingredients turning out to be delicious. The egg white is mixed well while the yolk is left running. It is also called ‘shirred’ eggs meaning a flat bottom.


Omelet Eggs
Pic Credit: foodnetwork.com

Omelet is another super easy way to prepare eggs. Beat the eggs with water into a smooth mixture. Preheat a non-stick pan. Add the egg mixture to the hot pan and spread it across the pan. Add the liked ingredients to the top with salt and sprinkle pepper to the top. Cook the egg for a minute and a few seconds. Once cooked fold the egg with a spatula. Cook the sides as needed. To can add ingredients like mushrooms, avocado, salmon and or any kind of cheese.


basted egg

Basted eggs are prepared in a way where the eggs are cooked without flipping it over. For this preheat a pan. Add a bit butter to it. Crack an egg to it when the butter starts to melt. Keep adding butter to the pan repeatedly. Check whether you have enough butter to cook the yolk and white. The same way you can add water and covering it with a lid. The steam makes the egg to cook. Make sure you do it fast before the egg gets burned.


Healthy Deviled Eggs as an Appetizer

To prepare deviled eggs, hard boil the eggs. Let it rest for 10-12 minutes. Peel the egg shells and cut it lengthwise. Separate the whites and yolks, and have them on a plate and bowl accordingly. Add your desired ingredients to the yolk and mix them well until they blend perfectly. Have the egg whites on the top with sprinkled paprika.

Healthy Deviled Eggs as an Appetizer with Paprika | Credit: today.com

Tips for that perfect egg:

  • Check the Julian date

We all know that fresh eggs are always better than the old ones. Julian date is the way to know how fresh the eggs are. Julian date is the three-digit number you can find in the egg carton. The number represents days from 1st January to December 31st. Make sure you are buying the eggs that are not that far from the current date.

  • Stir occasionally

When making scrambled eggs, make sure you stir continuously. Right from the moment the eggs hit the pan, stir them without a break, and this will help you to break down the egg curds. This results in a softer and creamier scrambled egg. Do not overdo it, because it may cause the eggs to foam.

  • Have your eggs crack in bowls

It is always nice to crack your eggs into a bowl rather than straight away into the pan. It not only helps you to avoid shell pieces but to cook the eggs evenly. It also helps you to make sure that the eggs land in the pan where you want them.

  • Mix butter with the eggs

Mixing the scrambled eggs with a tablespoon or two will help you in giving the eggs more light texture. Cooking eggs with butter will result in a more fluffy and tender meal. The moisture in the butter is released in the form of steam, and it is that steam which makes the eggs become airier and light.

  • Use heated spatula

When using a metal spatula, it is better to heat the spatula with olive oil. Add olive oil to the pan and heat the spatula before adding eggs to it. This tip helps to avoid the eggs sticking to your spatula, hence you are free from the worries of the egg being cracked by sticking to the pan.

  • Heat and no heat

When cooking scrambled eggs, cook them over medium-low heat. It is recommended to move the pan from stove alternately while cooking. Doing this two to three times while cooking can make your eggs rich and creamier.

  • Heat the serving plate too

It is also important to heat the serving plate while cooking. It helps to maintain the temperature of the eggs while you are eating it. If not low temperature of the plate makes the eggs to cool fast. So, heat the plate in hot water to have your eggs with all its charm.

  • Boil the eggs before poaching

For better-poached eggs, it is recommended to boil the eggs for 10 seconds beforehand. Boil the water and before releasing the egg, poke a hole with a pin ti release the air content. Then heat the egg in the water for 10 seconds. It helps you to have perfect shaped eggs and avoid the strands forming when you poach.

  • Cool the soft boiled eggs quickly

For the perfect soft boiled egg, it is suggested to cool your eggs quickly after they are cooked. Boil your eggs of almost 3 minutes and 30 seconds. They put the eggs in ice water, then transfer them for a water bath. The bath should be for 35 minutes at 147F. If done correctly the results will be perfect soft-boiled eggs.

All the information in this article along with the recipe is from facts entirely depended on internet sources. If you find any of the above information to be inappropriate, please let us know.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the difference between white eggs and brown eggs?

The difference is in the breed of the chicken that lays the egg. White eggs are from the white feathered-white earlobes chicken, and the brown ones are from the reddish brown feathered-red earlobes chicken.

2. Does the egg size matter?

Yes. Usually, especially in the U.S, eggs come in five different sizes; small, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo. They differ in size and volume. A small/medium egg differs a lot from a large or jumbo egg.
It may be fair to substitute a medium with a large egg, but a medium with extra-large or jumbo may not be the right move.

3. How to prepare perfect scrambled eggs?

It all starts from the whisking of the eggs, the right flame, and even the right pan. Make sure you are whisking the eggs for the right amount of time. Whisk the eggs even before adding them to the pan. Cook them over medium-low heat. Use the pan which is of right size according to the quantity of the eggs you are using. Get the eggs off the stove even before they are cooked. The heat from the pan is enough for the rest of the cooking.

4. Can we steam eggs?

Yes. We can steam eggs, and they turn out to be pretty delicious too. It is pretty common in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea to have varieties with steamed egg. It is silky and savory and also a real treat.


As mentioned above, steaming is also a common way of cooking food in most Asian countries. The dish comes in a different style from each country. To help you out a little bit, we are including a recipe for

Korean-styled steamed eggs.

Let’s jump to the ingredients first:

  • 2 eggs (large)
  • ½ scallion (chopped)
  • ½ cup water (or more)
  • ¼ sesame seeds (toasted)
  • ¼ tsp salt

Steps to follow:

  • In a heat-safe ceramic bowl (like a ramekin), mix the eggs with salt and water.
  • Whisk well until it becomes foamy.
  • Fill a bow with hot water (not boiling) and place the bowl inside the pot.
  • Cover the pot with a glass lid.
  • Cook for 12 minutes over medium-low heat.
  • Now sprinkle the scallion and seeds on the top of the eggs and cook for another 3 minutes.
  • Make sure the eggs are wiggly but firm enough.
  • Remove from the pot and serve.
Korean-styled steamed eggs
Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Hope all these delicious ways of cooking eggs have taken care of your Cravings